Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Take off some of the burden

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So if you are backed up with so many non paid debts and cant collect them, then you know you need some help. You can check out some of the solutions that they have on this website, I am sure you will find one that will fit your problem. This Collection Agency is very different from any other services that you can find they always make sure that they can help improve your debt collection recoveries. So if your looking for an easier approach to debt collection, you can basically take care of all your debt collection and also track them and review the results trough with an online system. So what are you waiting for? Take some of the burden off your shoulders.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm Craving for balut

Oh gosh, when I was watching the video of Bizzare Food in you tube yesterday,my mouth became so watery upon watching Andrew Zimmern eating the BALUT. Oh I really miss this kind of food. every night my brother and I use to go out and look for someone that sells balut because its become our habit to eat balut at night before going to bed. Oh gosh how I love balut. but I also remember those times when it was the first time I tried to eat this kind of food that I was almost felt like I was going to throw up when I saw the little chicken inside, but I got use to it later on and become addicted to it. This is one of the foods that I miss a lot from the Philippines.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

ecommerce software

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Sunday, March 9, 2008


1. Where were you 5 hours ago?
- I was out with hubby.

2. How did you get the idea for your
Friendster name?
- From the blog thing, lol...

3. What song are you listening to
right now?
- I 'm not listening to music but watching TV right now (sci-fi)

4. What color is your phone?
- Dont have any

5. Do you click on pop-ups?
- Nope, I quickly close it.

6. Do you own a phone?
- Nope!

7. What was the first thing you thought
of this morning?
- Do I really have to get up? lol...

8. What are you going to do tomorrow?
- blogging for sure.

9. What did you do last night?
- sat with my hubby and
watched "OGRE" movie.

10. What's your favorite memory from
- high school was great!=) meeting my
friends is my favorite memory

11. What are the last two digits of
your phone number?
- I said I dont have phone, ang kulit mo rin ano.

12. What was the last thing that you
- Lasagna and potato salad.

13. Who is the last person that you
- my mother in-law

14. What was the last movie you
- Gargoyle

15. What do you dislike at the moment?
- The sore on my leg.

16. What food are you craving for?
- Chicken BBQ! as in bbq sa pinas ha, unya pisoan ug lemonsito ug sili waaaaaaaaaa

17. What did you dream last night?
- I dont remember!

18. What was the last TV show you
- Tin Man

19. What is your favorite piece of
- My wedding ring

20. Name 2 people on your Top Friends
who are almost like you?
- Rubella and Venis.

21. Do you always lock your door?
- nope...

23. Are you on any medication?
- nope

24. What side of the bed do you sleep
- i always sleep facing to the wall.

25. What color of shirt are you
- blue with white sleeve

26. What is your favorite frozen treat?
Iice cream for life..

27. How many Piercings/tattoos do you
- 2 in each ear, no tattoos

28. What's your favorite store?
- Ebay lol

30. Who's someone you haven't seen in
a while and miss?
- my family

31. What was the last text you sent?
- Nada

32. Do you care what people think
about you?
- not really as long as they keep it to
themselves, lol...=)

33. Have you ever done something to
make trouble?
- sometimes! lol...

34. Where do you wish you were right
- in phils with my family.

35. What is your font color on YM?
- bold pink

36. Where's your bestfriend?
- Philippines

37. What is the thing that you would
most like to change about you?
- stop spending too much.

38. What do you smell like right now?
- My Estee Lauder perfume

39. What is your favorite color?
- Baby pink, and baby blue

40. What do you tell yourself when
times get hard?
- you're not alone, God is with you.

41. Would you ever sky dive?
- I would love to try, I love adventure!

42. What color is your pillow case?
- this week it's mint green !

43. Have you ever bid for something on
- yeah!

44. Who was the last person to call
- my FRIEND Rea.

45. Do you enjoy giving hugs?
- oh yes, specially to my hubbs and

46. Have you ever been to ITALY?
- not yet

47. Did the movie ONE MORE CHANCE make
you cry?
- i dunno that movie..hehe

49. if you wanna choose a profession,
what would it be?
- to be a doctor -

50. are you an independent type?
- i would say so.

51. are you a forgiven person?
- yes.

52. would you rather be go out to have
a night life than to stay at home?
-no, id rather STAY HOME, rather than
to go out at night, but occassionally i
do go with friends or hubby.

53. Can you drive a car? or motorbike?
- i can drive a motorbike and still practicing to learn to drive a car

Thursday, February 28, 2008

My called

My mother in-law called me here and ask me if my husband could go to their place because they loose their sattelite dish and they want my husband to fix it. Good thing hubby was home for lunch, so hubby decided to go to their place and see if he could fix it. So I ask hubby if i can go with him because I am really bored here being alone and not being able to see the outside. All I do everyday is watch TV, eat, and do my blogging, these things i know it entertains me a little but I am still complaining because It is a lot diffrent when your able to go out. being in the house is really make us crazy you know.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

online casino

Some of my friend really loves to gamble and a person like me who is new to casinos, is really curious about it, especially I don’t understand why my friends really love’s to go out at night after their work and find a good casino to gamble. Since I heard a lot about an online casino I decided to search online and try it myself, because I think it is a lot more safer than going out and mingle with so many people outside. Plus it is also my first, so I believe that I will enjoy more the game and learn a lot of it if I will play it online. So I did my research where to find the good casinos and thankfully the onlinecasinolinks.com has provided me with a lot of information and many casino listing where I can have a lot of choices of which games I want to play first.
The onlinecasinolinks.com is the most popular website for online casino review listing at nearly 100 of the best online casinos. So if you love to gamble why don’t you visit this website now and find the best online casino that will suit your needs. So enjoy now!

Monday, February 25, 2008

online casino

When I was in the Philippines before my friend use to play at the casino, she brought me one time and I thought that it is kind of scary to go out and gamble at night, especially with all the crime going on in the city. I never thought about this online casino before but now, I should have to suggest to her to try and check it out online because It is a lot safer for her than going out at night just to gamble. Because this website I found has many online casino list.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a website that picked out the best online casino and give you all the pertinent information, so you could decide before hand if you want to play at that particular online casino or not it would save you a lot of time . I think for the information provided that casino-list.com offers more reviews about all the best online casinos. They have actually played at thousands of casinos, they have a team of 20 editors that reviews all the top online casino.
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